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The World
Over 50 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss. In fact, 2 out of 3 men start losing their hair by 35, some even in their early 20's. With existing hair loss products being extremely ineffective and negative side effects, it's easy to see why men are seeking a better solution.
The Service
Scalp Micropigmentation is the only 100% effective hair loss solution. It offers a permanent solution to mimic the appearance of hair follicles without surgical restoration, hair transplants, or other invasive procedures. The Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is drug-free, cost-friendly, and delivers immediate results with little to no maintenance.
The Process
Your search  for the best Scalp Micropigmentation training is over! We offer every skill you need to master this industry. A perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get into the cosmetics scene! we will guide you to a great Micropigmentation career.
● Consultations ● Hairline Design ● Advance Needle Technique ● Equipment Training
● Proper Pigment/Diluton Chart ● Advanced Marketing Strategies
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